In the third week of WWCD, our mentor Rahmeen Habib clarified some of our doubts related to scholarships. She also gave me some feedback on my outreach essays.

Then we discussed this week's agenda. She asked us about our interest areas and gave some tips to start with open source projects using those tech stacks.

Last week we were given the task to make a resume and create a GitHub gist of various opportunities in the field of tech. I have attached my list below.

I am participating in GirlScript Summer of Code this year. So as part of this week’s task, I would be finding the projects in my area of interest. In the meantime, I would also be practicing DSA from PepCoding.

That’s all for this week. Looking forward to an amazing WEEK 4.

In the second week of WWCD, we were discussed last week's progress. Our mentor Rahmeen Habib has reviewed my code which I had solved from code monk.

GitHub Repository where I commit my daily practice questions.

Rahmeen also showed us her resume and gave us some tips for making the resume like adding figures, writing only the tech stacks you are strong in, etc. She only gave us some tips regarding projects and how to write SOPS.

That’s all for this week. Looking forward to learning more in the upcoming weeks.

Hari Sapna Nair

A passion blogger.

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